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When I was finally ready to go on a vacation, I was considering something close to home. Maybe another state out west. But, after some thought, I branched out in my searching and looked across the oceans. My previous vacation destination was to Yellowstone National Park and that was still close to home, so the thought of getting on a plane across the ocean sounded exciting.

It was a few days later that I found Thailand. Bangkok in particular. It looked like a big city from the photographs, something that I did not have experience with. I liked that it would be a new experience entirely, so I chose that as my vacation destination. After all, I had saved religiously for three years and I wanted to go somewhere fresh and exciting. Of course, I was nervous about traveling solo to a country I had never been to, but I had heard from so that Thailand was an open and welcoming place, full of new experiences.

Before My Trip

Of course, before I could book my hotel in Patong, I had to get my Visa. I was nervous about the entire process because I had never had to get a Visa before. In the end it was simple. Everyone I worked with to get it cleared was so helpful. Right after I set up my Visa, I booked my hotel. I chose the Phoenix Patong Hotel because it was closest to the Banzaan Market, which I was eager to visit. I also booked some other sightseeing adventures that would surely fill my three week vacation with many new experiences.

After a long wait, the time to leave finally arrived and I spent the day packing.

Weary But Happy

I write this section two days after I got home. I am exhausted and happy to be home, back in my bed. But I can say without a doubt, Thailand was more welcoming than I could have imagined. During my three week vacation I managed to see and do things I had planned, and many things I hadn’t. I hiked, visited the Banzaan Market several times and made a trip to the beach. Looking out from my hotel, the view of the city was something to behold. I ate delicious breakfast offerings every morning, without ever getting sick of the options. The area around the Patong Hotel was busy and active, just like I had hoped from the city.

Looking Forward to Another Trip

Thailand was so welcoming that I already want to go back, either alone or with friends. If my Visa stays accepted, I want to go back again, at least for a couple weeks. Thailand has risen beyond the top of my list for favorite vacation destinations. There are so many places and things to do that it feels almost impossible to run out of stuff to see. Whether you are a city or country person, Thailand offers both. Maybe next time I will head to the beach and work on my tan.

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The Thailand and Karon Beach Hotel Experience

I have to admit, choosing Thailand as my number one choice for a vacation destination seemed unlikely at the time. But then, after I was browsing popular beach destinations, I saw the Karon Beach and was immediately sold. My previous vacation destination was Alaska and I wasn’t keen on choosing another snowy place. The photographs of the beach looked amazing and so I began to plan my trip, excited at the thought of making this my vacation. It would be the first place I traveled to solo and I couldn’t wait to tick off some things on my bucket list. Admittedly, I was nervous about traveling solo to a country I had never been to, but I had heard from so many sources that Thailand was an open and welcoming place, full of new experiences.

The first hurdle was getting my Visa accepted and that was something I had little experience in. All of my vacations previous had been within the bounds of the United States, so I had to research how Visas worked. But, in the end, getting my Visa accepted was an easy process because I followed the directions. Right after I set up my Visa, I booked my hotel. I chose the Karon Beach Hotel and decided on a stay of two weeks. By this point, I could barely wait for my trip, but alas it was a further two months away. I decided to go during October because it fit best with my schedule and I had read online that other bloggers recommended that month for the best vacation possible.

Finally, October arrived and I packed up my suitcase. I had decided to travel light and leave room for purchased items. I slid into a taxi and headed toward the airport with a nervous, but excited smile. It was finally time to leave!

Now, sitting at home tired, but happy from vacation, I can say Thailand is one of the most welcoming countries I have ever been to. It is sometimes referred to as the “country of smiles” and that is accurate. I managed to check off so many things from my bucket list. I partied, visited the beach and swam in the crystal blue waters off the Karon Beach. The view from my hotel room was amazing. There were two pools combined with pool bars, happy hour and delicious cocktails. The breakfast offerings had something for everyone and I never worried about what to eat. The surrounding area was peaceful and away from the bustle of the city. I am already considering another trip, this one of longer time. Assuming my Visa stays accepted, I think I may apply for a month or longer stay. I can see myself working odd jobs to support myself. Thailand has moved well beyond the top of my list for favorite vacation destinations. I highly recommend the Karon Beach and surrounding hotels for at least a starting point on a vacation. Don’t hesitate to polish off that Visa and hop on a plane.

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The Best Trip I’ve ever Had: Patong Beach

My time in Patong Beach was one of the most memorable periods of my life. In this article I hope to share and reminisce on my time there with you, the reader. If I can convince any one of you to take the leap and travel to this remarkable paradise yourself, all the better. We’ll take a look at the specifics of the Patong Beach area, how an American goes about the visa question, and more in this brief adventure. Without further ado, let’s go back to my time at the Patong Beach Hotel!

The first thing you notice when you arrive in Patong Beach is the quaint brightness of the area. While the town of Patong Beach is, itself, busy enough that you won’t feel stranded in some remote areas, the gentle green forests surrounding Patong Beach provide a cool coastal calm that seeps throughout the surrounding space. All of this is to say that the area itself is gorgeous, from the unique and brightly-colored architecture of the town to where the pure white beaches meet the emerald sea.

For Americans hoping to visit Patong Beach or Thailand in general, the visa question is truly no issue. As long as you spend less than thirty days in Thailand as a whole, you will not require a visa. My stay in Patong Beach was a full two weeks and, though it wasn’t long enough to require a visa, I felt that this was more than enough time to enjoy and explore the surrounding area.

While in Patong Beach I stayed at the Patong Beach Hotel, a truly incredible center of hospitality. The staff were friendly and professional for the duration of my stay and the food was absolutely delicious! Though I enjoyed eating out in and around Patong Beach, it’s always nice to have the option of staying in and enjoying a quiet meal by oneself.

The room was spacious and brightly colored, making it impossible to go to bed and wake up without a smile on my face. The pool provided a quiet refuge away from the relative crowds of the town and beach, but the Patong Beach Hotel was close enough to still enjoy those destinations as well. Ultimately I could not have wished for a better place to stay during my time in Patong Beach and, if offered the chance, I would go back in a minute!

While everyone goes on vacation for different reasons, Patong Beach and the surrounding area seem to offer something for everyone. From the various outdoor activities in the forests and on the beach to the many dining and drinking establishments, everyone I saw was having a fantastic time. Including myself! Many travelers I encountered during my time on Patong Beach were bouncing needlessly around the country. Ultimately I found that Patong Beach provided just what I needed to finally relax.

Take a chance on your next vacation and head out to Thailand. Drop down to the west coast of Phuket and swing by Patong Beach. Check yourself into the glorious Patong Phuket Hotel | Patong Beach Hotel and tell them I sent you. You deserve it.

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The Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok Travel Guide

The Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok Travel Guide

As one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, Thailand is a hub for rich culture as well as top-class attractions. From the aesthetically pleasing temples to the crazy night parties, you are guaranteed an eventful stay through your travels. If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, then consider the fact that you have the most secure accommodation options, with the likes of the Royal Ivory Nana Hotel, Bangkok ranking among the most highly recommended.

royal ivory deluxe room

Important travel information

Getting a Thailand Visa depends on where you’re travelling from. If you are flying in from the EU, the UK, or the US, then you are eligible for a free 30-day visa. If you are travelling by land, then you only get a 15-day permit, which isn’t a problem because all these visas are easily extendable.

Where to find quality accommodation in the Sukhumvit, Soi 4 area

While several hotels offer quality accommodation and service in Thailand, only some offer the authentic Thai experience. So if you do decide to visit Bangkok, then here is a hotel that tops the list in terms of excellent service.

The Royal Ivory Nana Hotel, Bangkok

The Royal Ivory Hotel is considered the pride and joy of Bangkok. Located in Sukhumvit, this Nana hotel has a fully stocked restaurant that offers a variety of local and international cuisine. In terms of accommodation, there is a little something for everyone, with high-class presidential suites and a variety of pocket-friendly rooms that are of superior quality.

This hotel is centrally located, providing essential access points to several embassies, shopping malls and entertainment centres. If you are using public means, then you will be pleased to note that this hotel is within walking distance of the famous BTS station, which makes getting around more comfortable. There is also a shuttle service that provides a commute to the main road for customers staying in the hotel.

Furthermore, the Royal Ivory Nana Hotel is a well-established brand name in the country’s most popular area. It is a crucial point when it comes to the amount of commerce that goes on it the Soi 4 area, with several business complexes and shopping districts making it convenient for customers to trade and enjoy their stay.

For people who like their extras, this Nana hotel boasts of some of the best and most convenient amenities anywhere in Sukhumvit. As a hub for traditional Thai hospitality, budget and leisure travellers get treated to beautiful scenery, a massage parlour, a swimming pool among various other top-class add-ons.

Gadget lovers will be pleased to note that you also get high-speed WiFi, you can keep in touch with your friends and family on your travels.

You also get a selection of 90 airconditioned, comfortable rooms that are both pocket-friendly and of superior quality. So regardless of your budget, you are guaranteed accommodation that will suit your every need.

Bottom Line

The Royal Ivory Nana Hotel ranks among the best hotels in the Sukhumvit, soi 4 area. So if you are looking for a place that will give you the best value for money, then this is it!

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Patong City Hotel,Patong Hotel Phuket,Hotel near Bangla Road Patong

For you who likes to travel, today we bring you the best alternative to enjoy the most wonderful and unforgettable days of your life, Patong City hotel, Patong Hotel Phuket, Hotel near Bangla Road Patong, Hotel in Patong near Bangla, Visa.

In the west of exotic Thailand, the country of smiles is located in front of the Indian Ocean, the sensational island of Phuket, a land of unimaginable beaches, with impeccable and soft sands that contrast with the majestic blue of its sky and its calm waters.

Beaches adorned by its surroundings with beautiful and abundant flora that provide the place with a refreshing climate with a warmth that embraces visitors to this paradise area.

Phuket is an island where despite being the most visited and tourist place in this Asian country preserves places like almost virgin beaches of splendid charm, separated by beautiful hills and capes that give perfect sinuosity to the riverside landscape.

The richness of the marine fauna in its waters is an additional attraction of the island, along with the unbeatable temperatures that range on average per year between 25 and 28 degrees. The large coral reefs to the southwest of the island are an attraction for visitors, you can practice activities such as diving and snorkeling in this area.

To the northeast is located the famous natural reserve Khao Phra composed of lush tropical forests that are another reference of the place. For the more mystical there is a cultural route to the south, where you will see many temples surrounded by green hills, which are highly revered by visitors, such as Wat Chalong.

Gallery image of this property

The spectacular beach of Patong is the most important tourist destination on the island and in Thailand, its nature and its urbanism are attractions that hook those who arrive there. It is a special place to take excellent pictures to enrich your files, its active nightlife invites you to have fun constantly by the number of clubs and bars that offer alternatives for enjoyment.

A wide range of hotels of very high quality in accommodation services is available in Patong Beach, parking, TV, private bathrooms, restaurants, recreation areas, laundries, free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, pantry are some of the many services offered by these tourist establishments among which we can recommend Swissotel Hotel Phuket Patong Beach a few meters from the best beaches, The Lantern Resorts Patong in downtown Patong, Phoenix Grand Hotel Patong, Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay in front of the sea.

There are also a multitude of lower-cost hotels in Patong if your budget is somewhat limited, it’s a matter of finding the one that best suits your possibilities. On Bangla Road, you can find great places to stay in. For example, the Tropica Bungalow Hotel has an outdoor tavern, the Grand Mercure Phuket Patong is a fine and majestic place, Phucket Graceland Resorts and Spa, Freedom Hotel, Bangla Star Hotel.

All with excellent and proven services that are rated in visitor surveys with scores above 8.5. There are also many hotels in Patong that offer discounts of up to 80%, for all these reasons Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand should be your next destination, dare to live fully.

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