The Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok Travel Guide

The Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok Travel Guide

As one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, Thailand is a hub for rich culture as well as top-class attractions. From the aesthetically pleasing temples to the crazy night parties, you are guaranteed an eventful stay through your travels. If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, then consider the fact that you have the most secure accommodation options, with the likes of the Royal Ivory Nana Hotel, Bangkok ranking among the most highly recommended.

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Important travel information

Getting a Thailand Visa depends on where you’re travelling from. If you are flying in from the EU, the UK, or the US, then you are eligible for a free 30-day visa. If you are travelling by land, then you only get a 15-day permit, which isn’t a problem because all these visas are easily extendable.

Where to find quality accommodation in the Sukhumvit, Soi 4 area

While several hotels offer quality accommodation and service in Thailand, only some offer the authentic Thai experience. So if you do decide to visit Bangkok, then here is a hotel that tops the list in terms of excellent service.

The Royal Ivory Nana Hotel, Bangkok

The Royal Ivory Hotel is considered the pride and joy of Bangkok. Located in Sukhumvit, this Nana hotel has a fully stocked restaurant that offers a variety of local and international cuisine. In terms of accommodation, there is a little something for everyone, with high-class presidential suites and a variety of pocket-friendly rooms that are of superior quality.

This hotel is centrally located, providing essential access points to several embassies, shopping malls and entertainment centres. If you are using public means, then you will be pleased to note that this hotel is within walking distance of the famous BTS station, which makes getting around more comfortable. There is also a shuttle service that provides a commute to the main road for customers staying in the hotel.

Furthermore, the Royal Ivory Nana Hotel is a well-established brand name in the country’s most popular area. It is a crucial point when it comes to the amount of commerce that goes on it the Soi 4 area, with several business complexes and shopping districts making it convenient for customers to trade and enjoy their stay.

For people who like their extras, this Nana hotel boasts of some of the best and most convenient amenities anywhere in Sukhumvit. As a hub for traditional Thai hospitality, budget and leisure travellers get treated to beautiful scenery, a massage parlour, a swimming pool among various other top-class add-ons.

Gadget lovers will be pleased to note that you also get high-speed WiFi, you can keep in touch with your friends and family on your travels.

You also get a selection of 90 airconditioned, comfortable rooms that are both pocket-friendly and of superior quality. So regardless of your budget, you are guaranteed accommodation that will suit your every need.

Bottom Line

The Royal Ivory Nana Hotel ranks among the best hotels in the Sukhumvit, soi 4 area. So if you are looking for a place that will give you the best value for money, then this is it!

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