The Thailand and Karon Beach Hotel Experience

I have to admit, choosing Thailand as my number one choice for a vacation destination seemed unlikely at the time. But then, after I was browsing popular beach destinations, I saw the Karon Beach and was immediately sold. My previous vacation destination was Alaska and I wasn’t keen on choosing another snowy place. The photographs of the beach looked amazing and so I began to plan my trip, excited at the thought of making this my vacation. It would be the first place I traveled to solo and I couldn’t wait to tick off some things on my bucket list. Admittedly, I was nervous about traveling solo to a country I had never been to, but I had heard from so many sources that Thailand was an open and welcoming place, full of new experiences.

The first hurdle was getting my Visa accepted and that was something I had little experience in. All of my vacations previous had been within the bounds of the United States, so I had to research how Visas worked. But, in the end, getting my Visa accepted was an easy process because I followed the directions. Right after I set up my Visa, I booked my hotel. I chose the Karon Beach Hotel and decided on a stay of two weeks. By this point, I could barely wait for my trip, but alas it was a further two months away. I decided to go during October because it fit best with my schedule and I had read online that other bloggers recommended that month for the best vacation possible.

Finally, October arrived and I packed up my suitcase. I had decided to travel light and leave room for purchased items. I slid into a taxi and headed toward the airport with a nervous, but excited smile. It was finally time to leave!

Now, sitting at home tired, but happy from vacation, I can say Thailand is one of the most welcoming countries I have ever been to. It is sometimes referred to as the “country of smiles” and that is accurate. I managed to check off so many things from my bucket list. I partied, visited the beach and swam in the crystal blue waters off the Karon Beach. The view from my hotel room was amazing. There were two pools combined with pool bars, happy hour and delicious cocktails. The breakfast offerings had something for everyone and I never worried about what to eat. The surrounding area was peaceful and away from the bustle of the city. I am already considering another trip, this one of longer time. Assuming my Visa stays accepted, I think I may apply for a month or longer stay. I can see myself working odd jobs to support myself. Thailand has moved well beyond the top of my list for favorite vacation destinations. I highly recommend the Karon Beach and surrounding hotels for at least a starting point on a vacation. Don’t hesitate to polish off that Visa and hop on a plane.

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