Travel Blogger to Thailand – Phuket & Bangkok


When I was finally ready to go on a vacation, I was considering something close to home. Maybe another state out west. But, after some thought, I branched out in my searching and looked across the oceans. My previous vacation destination was to Yellowstone National Park and that was still close to home, so the thought of getting on a plane across the ocean sounded exciting.

It was a few days later that I found Thailand. Bangkok in particular. It looked like a big city from the photographs, something that I did not have experience with. I liked that it would be a new experience entirely, so I chose that as my vacation destination. After all, I had saved religiously for three years and I wanted to go somewhere fresh and exciting. Of course, I was nervous about traveling solo to a country I had never been to, but I had heard from so that Thailand was an open and welcoming place, full of new experiences.

Before My Trip

Of course, before I could book my hotel in Patong, I had to get my Visa. I was nervous about the entire process because I had never had to get a Visa before. In the end it was simple. Everyone I worked with to get it cleared was so helpful. Right after I set up my Visa, I booked my hotel. I chose the Phoenix Patong Hotel because it was closest to the Banzaan Market, which I was eager to visit. I also booked some other sightseeing adventures that would surely fill my three week vacation with many new experiences.

After a long wait, the time to leave finally arrived and I spent the day packing.

Weary But Happy

I write this section two days after I got home. I am exhausted and happy to be home, back in my bed. But I can say without a doubt, Thailand was more welcoming than I could have imagined. During my three week vacation I managed to see and do things I had planned, and many things I hadn’t. I hiked, visited the Banzaan Market several times and made a trip to the beach. Looking out from my hotel, the view of the city was something to behold. I ate delicious breakfast offerings every morning, without ever getting sick of the options. The area around the Patong Hotel was busy and active, just like I had hoped from the city.

Looking Forward to Another Trip

Thailand was so welcoming that I already want to go back, either alone or with friends. If my Visa stays accepted, I want to go back again, at least for a couple weeks. Thailand has risen beyond the top of my list for favorite vacation destinations. There are so many places and things to do that it feels almost impossible to run out of stuff to see. Whether you are a city or country person, Thailand offers both. Maybe next time I will head to the beach and work on my tan.

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